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All seminar meetings take place at the National Humanities Center in Durham, in the West Conference Room.


Sunday, September 10, 5-7pm – Jeffrey Harris (UNC), “Jansenists, Encyclopédistes, Magistrates, and the Corporate General Will: The Argument for the Vote by Order in the Prerevolutionary Crisis”

Sunday, October 1, 5-7 pm – Anne-Gaelle Saliot (Duke), “Godard et Pialat lisant Musset: rêves et restes d’une théâtralité romantique”

Friday, November 10, 4-6 pm – James Johnson (Boston University), “Disguised Intentions: Concealment in the City of Light”

Friday, December 1, 4-6pm — Maarten van Ginderachter (University of Antwerp/UNC), “Workers into Belgians and Flemings: Everyday Nationalism and Social-Democracy in Belle Époque Belgium”

Sunday, January 28, 5-7 pm – Emma Monroy (UNC), “Passeurs, Majors, et Héros: Navigating Martinique’s (non)history through Bande Dessinée”

Sunday, March 4, 5-7 pm – Cybelle McFadden (UNC-Greensboro), “Screening Racialized France”

Sunday, March 25, 5-7 pm – Christina Rudosky (UNC), “Surrealist Collecting as a Poetic Practice”

Friday, April 27, 4-6 pm – Jennifer Palmer (University of Georgia), “‘She persisted in her revolt’: Between Slavery and Freedom in Saint-Domingue”