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All seminar meetings take place on Sundays, 5:00-7:00pm. Please contact a co-convener for the Zoom link and passcode.

September 19 – Charly Verstraet (French & francophone studies, University of Alabama at Birmingham), “En Terrain Miné : The Role and Legacy of Football during World War 2 France” [on Zoom]

October 17 – Greg Mole (History, Longwood University), “Crown and Compagnie”: The Compagnie des Indes, globalization, state-building, and scandal in eighteenth-century France [on Zoom]

November 7 – Micah True (French & francophone studies, University of Alberta), Telling Unfamiliar Stories about the Jesuit Relations from New France [on Zoom]

December 5 – Emily Voelker (Art history, UNC Greensboro), Plains Indian Portraiture in 19th-century Paris [Location TBD]

January 30 – Rachel Ozerkevitch (Art history, UNC-Chapel Hill), Aestheticizing Sport: Representations of Athletic Bodies in France, 1870-1914 [Location TBD]

February 20 – Hassan Melehy (French & francophone studies, UNC-Chapel Hill), Neostoicism or Antisocial Thought: Montaigne speaks with Lipsius [Location TBD]

April 3 – Agnès Schaffauser (French & francophone studies, Loyola University, New Orleans), Female migrants in Marie NDiaye’s Three Strong Women [on Zoom]

April 24 – Sean Matharoo (French & francophone studies, UNC-Chapel Hill), Revisiting French structuralist anthropology in the 21st century [Location TBD]