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All seminar meetings take place on Sundays, 5:00-7:00pm.

September 18 – Kirstin Ringelberg (Art History, Elon) on Madeleine Lemaire (1845-1928), the Andy Warhol of Belle Époque Paris—a popular, successful artist who filled their working studio with the period’s celebrities at social events to which invitation was jealously guarded. Unlike Warhol, however, over time Lemaire’s own fame was eclipsed by the coterie whose fame was created or enhanced by the artist’s labor.

October 30 – Julie Tolliver (Canadian Studies, University of Oklahoma/National Humanities Center) on fire in Francophone and Anglophone Canadian colonization narratives.

November 13 – Alexis Clark (History, NCSU) on the historiography of Impressionism in the 1960s before the rise of the social history of art, a contribution to a special issue on the interwar and immediate postwar historiography and museology of Impressionism.

January 22 – Annette Joseph-Gabriel (Romance Studies/French & Francophone Studies, Duke) on a new project looking at slavery and childhood.

February 12 – Christine Haynes (History, UNC-Charlotte) on a portion of her new biography project about Maximien Lamarque, focusing on his family’s experience of the French Revolution.

March 5 – Matthew Gin (Architecture, UNC-Charlotte) on “A Century of Domination: Protest and the Politics of Pageantry in Lille, 1667/1767.”

April 2  – Irina Randriamiadana (Romance Studies/French & Francophone Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill) – topic TBA