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All meetings take place on Sundays at 5pm at the National Humanities Center unless otherwise noted.
Sunday, September 10 – Darci Gardner (App State, French) on “Drawing Invalid Moral Inferences” from her book project, Leveraging Irrationality: How Storytellers Exploit Cognitive Biases
Sunday, October 15 – Emily Voelker (UNC-Greensboro, Art) on “Transnational Materialisms: WH Jackson’s Photographs of North American Indians in Paris”
Sunday, November 19 – Greg Mole (Longwood University, History) on “A Company of the Indies: Patronage, Vassalage, and the Dynamics of Subordination in French India”
Sunday, January 28 – Seth Murray (NCSU, Sociology & Anthropology) on “Encountering French Peripheries: Basque sheep farmers and Roquefort cheese producers in the 20th century”
Sunday, February 18 – Elise Bouley (Brown University, French) on “The Devil’s Wardrobe: Fashioning Evil in Nineteenth-century French Decadence” [on Zoom]
Sunday, March 24 – Susanna Caviglia (Duke, Art History) and Niall Atkinson (U Chicago, Art History) on “Through the foreigner’s wandering eye: art, mobility and ecology in French representations of Rome (1580s-1780s)” [at 4pm, on Zoom]
Sunday, April 21 – Mike Garval (NCSU, French) on “Imagining the Celebrity Chef in Modern France”